2014 Best New artist drops love video

MULTI Vakalutuivoce winner Viliame Cokanauto has released his new music video of the hit love song Noqu Senikau just in time for Valentine’s Day.

In a statement, the singer, composer and leader for Kula Kei Uluivuya (KKU), said this was his present to all fans of Fijian music for Valentine’s Day.

“The song was released in December 2015 and we worked on the video with the goal of gifting it to all our fans in time for Valentine’s Day.

“Our fan base is such a loyal group and they come from various age groups. It is an honour to be able to have a positive impact on people and I take that role seriously,” Cokanauto said.

He said this song and the rest of the songs in the upcoming album would have a lot of love influence.

“So, as my wife Lanah and I approached marriage, I wanted to gift her a song that was about her and about us. Unfortunately I fell seriously ill last year and didn’t release it in time,” he said.

Mr Cokanauto said he worked hard with 1537 Productions aka Lesaa to produce a video in time for Valentine’s Day.


Receiving the Vakalutuivoce from Vude Queen Laisa Vulakoro for Best New Artist

“It’s no longer about me and Lanah but with the wonderful Kuki (Apakuki Nalawa) this is our present to the fans,” he said.

“The video is more or less the essence of the song — me telling my wife what she means to me.

“Valentine’s Day should be about sharing pure unconditional love with those who make life more meaningful, for me it’s my wife but love means different things to different people.”

Mr Cokanauto chose Play679, a free Fiji music promotional channel to launch his video

Talebula Kate – Sunday, February 14, 2016



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