Newer artists enter FPRA Music Awards

Many new artists have become aware of the various categories they can apply for, as the FPRA records an increasing number of entries. Epi Nasaroa, who mans the secretariat of the FPRAMAs 2016 said it was exciting to shed light on the entry process for some artists who had been in the dark.

Some of the hip hop artists who have come in to enter the awards seemed excited when we explained they could apply for several other categories.

It dawned on me that the more inclusive we strive to be, this event keeps growing bigger.

Nasaroa said in the past only a select group of musicians would continue to enter their work each year and therefore get recognition.

This year though with all the media hype around the new Best Hip Hop Song category, more artists have come to find out if they are eligible.

We encourage anyone who is making music to call us or just drop in for a chat because we suspect the talent pool in Fiji is bigger than we have records for.

FPRA has also recorded a spike in new membership applications, Nasaroa said.

The FPRA Music Awards 2016 will be held at the Grand Pacific Hotel, on 14 May.



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