FPRA’s new closing date

THIS is the time for each and every Fijian to, not only rise to the challenge, but to do so as one. King of vude Seru Serevi says it is important we do so because everyone has lost someone or something, if not directly than indirectly as a result of Severe Tropical Cyclone Winston.


Vude Queen Laisa Vulakoro is emotional after seeing the devastation on Yacata Island. Photo: Lice Movono-Rova

As a result of the difficult moment we’re going through, the Fiji Performing Rights Association has decided to extend the entry period for the much-anticipated FPRA Music Awards (FPRAMAs) to March 18.


Seru Serevi jams at the Rise Up Fiji Concert. Photo: The Fiji Times

Serevi, who is the co-ordinator for that event, said the team decided to extend the entry period by exactly two weeks in the hope that those who were working on their music would have been able to complete their entries in the given time.

“It is also hoped that those working on music videos of songs which were published in the eligibility period will now be able to complete that work,” Serevi said.

“There are some musicians with great music published last year who have not been able to deliver their music and forms to us. We don’t want them to miss out just because of technicalities.

“We have made this decision because in the past two weeks alone, we received three brand new music videos of great quality, now showing on our dedicated video channel Play679 and more will be dropped there this weekend.

“We have heard of some other artistes especially in the hip-hop and Hindi genre, who were on the verge of completing their videos and entry forms. We are going to wait to see this amazing work come in.”

Serevi said the FPRAMAs team decided to use the period immediately after the cyclone to help those affected by Severe TC Winston, musicians and ordinary people alike.

He said it was only natural that they help where they could to ensure our brothers and sisters in the industry who lived in affected areas, got the support they need from artistes in Suva.

Seru said a two-week delay in the entry period was not going to affect the quality of the show.

“In fact, it’ll ensure we deliver an event that is worthy of its objective — which is to reward our musicians for their work and encourage them to continue to produce great music.

“We are very lucky in the music industry that most of our major operations are based in Suva so we weren’t drastically affected. We can afford to continue our routine and our daily lives. So we will do that but only after first supporting those we can reach with help.”

Serevi said it was important that the rest of us in places which were not affected continue to do our best in whatever area we worked in and that would somehow support our brothers and sisters in devastated areas.

“We are good at music and our FPRAMAs team is good at organising events so we decided we would combine that. Thankfully we also have a team of wonderful corporate sponsors, people like Stage Tech who have been supporting all our events. Naturally the best we could do was to use music to bring people together and raise money in the process.”


Kula kei Uluivuya and KKU at the Rise Up Fiji Concert on March 4 at the Sukuna Park. 

Last weekend’s Rise Up Fiji concert raked in $17,300 which was $2000 more than the target.

The FPRA would like to thank all of its sponsors, partners and the people who turned up last weekend, for their show of solidarity and support to Fijians in need. You can watch the Rise Up Fiji Concert at this link. http://livestream.com/fijilivestream/RiseUpFiji

The awards night will be held at the Grand Pacific Hotel on May 14.

By Siteri Sauvakacolo
Sunday, March 13, 2016


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