Taylor Guitar suppliers finance FPRA Music Awards

TABS Investment, a small local business which supplies components to make the renowned guitar brand, Taylor Guitars, is this year’s major sponsor of the FPRA Music Awards.

orion-delivery (1)

TABS Investment’s Uluibau Tabete signs the partnership agreement to sponsor FPRAMAs 2016 for three years as organisers Seru Serevi and Laisa Vulakoro watch. Photo: FPRAMAs

The $60,000 naming rights sponsorship which was formalised at a signing ceremony today is spread out over three years sealing the company’s partnership with The Fiji Performing Rights Association.

Uluibau Tabete, the company’s Managing Director said the company, which supplies quality guitar billets to world renowned guitar brand, Taylor Guitars is eager to be involved with the music community and demonstrate its support towards the development of the music industry.

orion-delivery (3)

Members of the FPRA Board and FPRAMAs coordinators celebrate a 3 year partnership with representatives from TABS Investments for the staging of the FPRA Music Awards. 

“It is only natural that we support music given that our work is to do with facilitating great musical talent.”

“Fiji is a small country and our resources can’t be compared to other bigger landmass countries so I believe we can provide Taylor Guitars with high value Fijian products.”

“It is a similar situation for music I believe. We can’t compare with the resources that musicians abroad have but with the right support and the right mechanics, we can show the unique sound that is Fiji Music.”

Tabete adds most Fijians don’t know about Taylor Guitars and he hopes that having the stamp of approval of governing bodies will raise more awareness of the type of music industry we have here.

“As I understand it from our previous work with the FPRAMAs team, we have all manner of expertise in our music industry now. Singers, Composers, Songwriters, Producers, DJs, Music Artists, Aggregators, Promoters, Photographers, Events Organisers and publicists. Well now you know that Fiji wood is what they use to make some of the world’s finest guitars too!”

orion-delivery (5)

TABS Investment supplies quality guitar billets to world renowned guitar brand, Taylor Guitars.

Seru Serevi, FPRAMAs 2016 coordinator said he was humbled by sponsorship considering the economic climate we are in now.

“This sponsorship shows that Fiji is on its feet! Our industries are strong and we are rebuilding quick from our problems.

“We are grateful that TABS Investment and Taylor Guitars see the value that the music industry can bring to our country and we are excited to be in this partnership with them.”

“Fiji is a small country but we do have quality, quality music, quality musicians and of course the quality wood that makes the world’s best guitars.”

Contact: fpramusicawards@gmail.com or visit http://www.fpramusicawards.com for more information about the FPRAMAs 2016.


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