KNOX ends 2016 Aussie tour

Multi award winner, KNOX will this week conclude his 2016 tour of Australia playing at several new locations.


The reggae artist more recently acclaimed for his mainstream hits flew to the land down under on March 15 and will return to Fiji on the first week of April on his ‘Take It Further’ Tour.

Knox is scheduled to perform in up to six locations, one of which was the three day Blue Mountains Music Festival earlier in the month which attracted thousands of people, the star said.

Winning up to 4 Vakalutuivoces at last yeas FPRA Music Awards, Knox hopes the tour will help him grow even bigger.

“I would gain a lot more exposure, more showtime under my belt, more experience playing bigger gigs than iv done before, make new fans, showcase Fiji and get closer to my dream.”
Knox is one of fewer Fijian artists able to get some overseas gigs and more importantly at actual concert venues as opposed to Fijian community events.


Knox with his manager Truman Bradley and father Suliasi Tamanalevu Photo:

In fact almost all his gigs are now held in Australia, a development he attributes to his management, Truetone Entertainment’s hard work to get his music recognised.

“Its all a major work in progress. The odds are stacked very high against you when youre from the islands trying to make it on the bigger scene but you can not allow yourself to give up when its tough.”

“I believe that we Fijians are very resilient people and we can survive anything anywhere. “

“Its frustrating at times when some doors close on my attempts to progress further but I am glad I am contracted to a management that believes in my talent and are doing the hard yards to ensure that we will achieve our dreams.”

Knox’s tour dates are:

  • Blue Mountains Music Festival; March 18 – 20
  • Heritage Hotel at Bulli, South Coast; March 20
  • The Brass Monkey, Cronulla; March 27
  • Hoey Moey, Coffs Harbour; March 31
  • Maclean Hotel, Maclean, East Coast; April 1
  • Sawtell Hotel, East Coast; April 2

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“The only places on this current tour I have played before are the Hoey Moey in Coffs Harbour and the Brass Monkey. Im really looking forward to playing at the Hoey Moey again because it has a beautiful vibe, right next to the ocean and it could get about 500 people on a band night. The place rocks.”

One could argue that Knox would be a shoo in for the FPRAMAs International Achievement Vakalutuivoce, an award created to recognise artists who pick up overseas recognition.
But Knox hasn’t even entered the competition and says it isn’t a priority as improving his music is more important at the moment.

“Its not really about winning awards for me; its about getting better everyday at what im passionate about, filling an empty space in this world with something positive and beautiful, be a success story and to inspire others who dare to dream.”


Knox aka Inoke Kalounisiga jamming at the 2015 FPRA Music Awards. Photo: Samu Ulacake

Knox says he will only be at the May 14 FPRA Music Awards to support original music and creativity. He did hint at some new music in the works which will be released this year.

“I haven’t entered any songs in this years awards but I will surely next year.”
“I haven’t achieved everything I wanna achieve yet but im working on it.”

The rising star advised local artists to believe in God and themselves.

“Do not forget the creator who made you in his image in the first place for what is where your strength is.”



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