VLY’s Aussie gig for cyclone victims

CONSIDERED as a local artiste of some renown, Viliame Navoka yesterday held a concert at the Imperial Hotel, Rooty Hill, in Sydney, Australia.


VLY making his acceptance speech for Best Music Video at the FPRA Music Awards 2015. Photo: Samu Ulacaka/FPRAMAs

Navoka said the fundraiser was for people in areas badly affected by Severe TC Winston.

“I will be performing a few of my originals from my debut album “VLY”, such as Muju Cola, Mositi Au, Amelia etc.”

When asked about the venue, he said after two trips to Sydney he had gotten to see how much people loved him and his music.

Watch VLY’s latest music video here: Amelia¬†

“I honestly believe judging from my social media following, I have many fans there. And after performing at their Fiji Day back in 2015 and seeing their love for Fijian music, I thought ‘what better place to conduct the fundraiser.”

Navoka said the exchange rate would also favour the cyclone victims.

Originally from Sinuvaca Village on Koro, Navoka is also a son of the man famous for his galloping runs at the Hong Kong 7s, Tomasi Cama.

“I am most excited about seeing this show come to life. At the same time I am nervous because of the risk I am taking hosting a show away from home.”

By Peni Mudunavonu
The Fiji Times, Sunday, March 27, 2016


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