Shop n Save sponsors FPRAMAs 2016

Priding itself on supporting innovation, technology and community support, Supermarket giant SHOP N SAVE today signed an agreement to sponsor the FPRA Music Awards presented by TABS Investments.


Seru Serevi, FPRAMAS coordinator with Shop N Save Finance Manager Mohnish Ram Photo: Epi Nasaroa/FPRAMAs

At a ceremony in Suva, Shop N Save signed an agreement with event organisers to support the organisation with a cash donation specifically focused on financing a composition award.

Shop N Save Finance Manager Mohnish Ram handed over a $5000 cash cheque to FPRAMAs event coordinator Seru Serevi and said the company was thankful that it could directly support composers of original music.

Serevi said the FPRAMAs was successful because of the sponsorships of innovative companies like Shop N Save.


Seru Serevi, FPRAMAS coordinator with Shop N Save Finance Manager Mohnish Ram and FPRAMAs Productio Manager, Laisa Vulakoro. Photo: Epi Nasaroa/FPRAMAs

“In the past two years since we have staged this event, we have seen new growth within the industry. The FPRAMAs has been a breath of fresh air for musicians, a lot of whom have struggled for years to get their work recognised and their art respected.”
“People should know that supporting the FPRA Music Awards means you are directly making a positive impact on a singers life. Further down the line it can be the difference between whether they are able to sustain a substantial income from their music, or not.”
“Awards like this inspire them to keep going and sometimes it can provide very practical help like money for producing a hit album or to finance a training activity.”
“FPRA would like to thank the Shop n Save chain of supermarkets for its foresight and generosity. Thank you for giving back to the community and thank you for supporting the music industry.”

Composition awards are aimed at fostering creativity and originality. Artists who win the award are usually musicians who have created the melody and or lyrics of a song from nothing more than an idea.

Shop N Save Finance Manager Mohnish Ram said the company decided its sponsorship portfolio based on its company principles, two of which were innovation and community.

“We are a company built on years of hard work and innovation. Our success is largely because of the support given to us by the communities we have opened branches in. We simply like to look after our own and to give back to those who have made us part of their communities.”
“Shop N Save Supermarket has continually strived to support the development of home grown talent and this has been evident in our sponsorship of various sporting and cultural bodies. We are proud today, to add to that list and partner with Fiji Performing Rights Association to become a category sponsor for the 2016 PFRA Music Awards.”
“Not too long ago, we were the first retail supermarket chain to step into the exciting world of connected shopping through mobile phones by launching the country’s first supermarket app. We are willing to try new things if it means we can reach our customers and serve them better.”
“We are humbled to be in a position to help and proud to be associated with the FPRAMAS, a brand which promotes hard work, creativity and originality. We wish the team at the FPRA all the very best for the Music Awards and look forward to being a part of that success story too.”

SNS hi resThe supermarket said they believed it was every organisations duty to give back to the communities they operate in.

“We believe that it is our Corporate Social Responsibility to actively support the communities in which we operate in and will continue to show support where there is needed. Shop N Save would like to congratulate all the nominees and award receivers in advance and wish the 2016 FPRA Music Awards a great success.”

The FPRA Music Awards is in its third year since its establishment in 2014 when Taylor Guitars was one of its sponsors. This year the FPRAMAs Major Sponsors are TABS Investments, the local business which supplies mahogany wood guitar parts to Taylor Guitars.

The Taylor Guitars brand is favoured by renowned musicians such as multi-Grammy winning Taylor Swift, Jason Mraz, Rascal Flatts and Phillip Phillips.


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