Damodar to host FPRA Events

Entertainment giants Damodar Brothers signed on today to host events under the FPRA Music Awards calendar.


Div Damodar and Seru Serevi at the partnership announcement Photo: Lice Rova/Fiji Island Style

Damodar Group Chief Executive Div Damodar and FPRAMAs coordinator Seru Serevi announced the partnership today and said the initiative was to create better and more appropriate platforms for the entertainment industry.

“We are honoured that a brand as big as Damodar, a company well known for its work in the entertainment industry, see the value of the music industry and want to step in to help,” Serevi said.

“Music could be a substantial industry if more generous partners in the private sector could pitch in to help lift our earning ability. We are priviledged that Damodar continues to lead the way in this sense.”

As part of the sponsorship, Damodar Event Cinema will now host all FPRA Music Awards activities in one of its venues around the country.

Damodar Events Cinemas LOGOSerevi said the company’s flagship property Damodar City has a glamorous venue called the “Cine Lounge” which is appropriate for the type of music industry events which the Fiji Performing Rights Association wants to endorse.

“Damodar City is Fiji’s showbiz capital and its rewarding to finally be able to bring music to this platform. We are grateful to be able to do this work with the good people at Damodar Brothers.”

The next events on the FPRA Damodar partnership include the Nominees Announcement Show on Thursday 07 April and some VIP events on the week of Saturday May 14.

NOMINEES ANNOUNCEMENT SHOWDiv Damodar said the company know only too well the value of entertainment in this country and want to see a change in the way local music is valued.

“We want to urge people to buy local music and help our local artist make some real money from their work.”

“Damodar Event Cinema would like to do all its can to provide a platform to our local entertainers.”

By Lice Movono-Rova


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