Nasio Domoni earns 4 nominations

Macuata cousins; Tuverea Tuamoto, Jofiliti Sucuvou, Seru Tawake and Sailosi Waqawaqa sang about love which began over a random phone call. Not so random though is the fact that the track “Na veikilai lekaleka mosimosi” appealed to so many and gathered a strong following for the four, better known as Nasio Domoni.

Watch their interview this morning on Breakfast on Fiji One:

Earlier this month, the song also appealed to the judges of the 3rd Annual FPRA Music Awards Presented by TABS Investments and resulted in four nominations.

“Na veikilai lekaleka mosimosi”, composed by Jofiliti Sucuvou has earned the group nominations in the Best Itaukei Song and Most Popular Song categories as well as big gun nominations for Best Composition alongside top crooner Elena Baravilala and polynesian group Rako Pasefika.

The biggest feat is probably the nomination for Artist of the Year next to Vude Prince Savuto and the biggest boy band act in Fiji’s history, Voqa ni Delai dokidoki.

Watch “Na veikilai lekaleka mosimosi”:


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