Goodman fielder is for music

Goodman Fielder Fiji became the latest sponsor to support the local musicians and composers after injecting $5000 towards the Fiji Performing Rights Association (FPRA) for the staging of its annual awards ceremony.At the handover ceremony, GFI General Manager, Mr. Chris Zaaymaan told FPRA Music Awards Event Coordinator, Seru Serevi, the company was proud to be associated with an event that acknowledges artists for their contribution to the local music industry.
The cash sponsorship will go towards the winner of the Most Popular Music Video category and the overall staging of the FPRA Music Awards.Print
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FPRAMAs Production Manager Laisa Vulakoro, FPRAMAs Event Coordinator Seru Serevi and GFI General Manager, Mr. Chris Zaaymaan Photo: FPRA

The nominees of the Most Popular Music Video Award are; “Ena Bogi” By Savuto; “Sai Kemuni” By One 2 Eight; “Noqu Senikau” By Kula Kei Uluivuya; “She’s not crying anymore” By Naseda and “Noqu Daulomani” By Naseda.
Goodman Fielder, whose well-known local brands include Crest Chicken, Twisties and Tuckers Ice Cream, is a first time sponsor of the FPRA Music Awards.
FPRAMAs Event Coordinator, Seru Serevi said the Most Popular Music Video Award category was an important one and it was only fitting that a company with a reputation for supporting families would take that category.
“This is an award that invites the opinion of the public through sms voting so on this category; we include the public and ask for their input.”
While the majority of our awards are based on technical assessment and expertise, it is the help of Goodman Fielder which enables us to be able to include the public in honouring Fijian musicians, Mr Serevi said.
“This is a popularity award, 70% of the scoring is given by the judges to the artist who has used video as a promotional tool and whose creativity, concept and technical skill has effectively engaged their media audience to a single composition. The nominees will rely on the public’s vote to get them the extra 30%.”
“We ask the public to please text their favourite artist’s code to 812 so they can help them win.”


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