There are 14 awards categories. All members may enter 10 of these while the other categories are by nomination and judges discretion only.  Please see below links to the pdf versions of forms for the 10 categories. 

Most of the categories are open to members only. Membership is free and forms can be found here: NEW FPRA MEMBERSHIP FORM
You can fill these and send it in along with the forms below.

You must download these, fill out and hand deliver to the FPRA Music Awards Secretariat at 66 McGregor Road, Suva or mail to FPRA Music Awards Secretariat, GPO BOX 15061, SUVA FIJI ISLANDS or and scan and email soft copies

FPRAMAs 2016 Form 01FPRAMAs 2016 Form 01

FPRAMAs 2016 Form 02FPRAMAs 2016 Form 02

FPRAMAs 2016 Form 03FPRAMAs 2016 Form 03

FPRAMAs 2016 Form 04FPRAMAs 2016 Form 04

FPRAMAs 2016 Form 05FPRAMAs 2016 Form 05

FPRAMAs 2016 Form 06FPRAMAs 2016 Form 06FPRAMAs 2016 Form 07FPRAMAs 2016 Form 07

FPRAMAs 2016 Form 08FPRAMAs 2016 Form 08

FPRAMAs 2016 Form 09FPRAMAs 2016 Form 09

FPRAMAs 2016 Form 10FPRAMAs 2016 Form 10


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